That time I painted a Victorian sofa…with PAINT.

I recently got into using chalk paints at the shop. I saw a video where another retailer had painted a sofa hot pink, which made my eyes open extra wide as I thought, “NO WAY”. So when Sara showed up one day with an amazing sofa she picked up at a favorite haunt for $20, I kinda figured there was nothing to lose in experimenting.

This is what we started off with. Unfortunately you can’t see how gross the fabric was. Eugh. The paint was going to serve both as visual refreshment and sealer of gross yuckiness.

I chose a teal/green. It took 1 coat for decent coverage, but 2 for perfect, solid color. In the shot below you can see where the paint is still wet. It dries much lighter, but you get that color back when you seal it with wax or the brand’s satin finish.

I painted the wood trim (don’t hate, anti-wood painting people) in dark gray, then did a dry brush of the teal over it so I wouldn’t lose the details in the carving. Then I sealed it with a coat of soft wax.

Once I gave it a coat satin finish, the color really came to life. It changed so dramatically I was literally grinning ear to ear. I love it so much. It reminds me of an old pair of vintage cowgirl boots. The stitching makes it look and feel like worn embossed leather.

Bummed that I had to use a flash on this, but the real color just wasn’t coming through with my camera otherwise.