Vintage wire garden fence &gate

I’ve been in love with vintage wire gates and fences for quite awhile and was lucky enough to score a set recently. My friend Christine called me from the Allegan Antiques Market in Michigan a couple of months ago to let me know she had spotted a gate for me, then I found the fencing a favorite local haunt this last week. Now I need to figure out how I’ll piece it together and put it to use. They’re just lovely and romantic. They are both from around the early 1930’s and our house was built in 1929, so they feel pretty and appropriate for the garden.

As for the garden, the wall of clematis is well underway.

Lately I’ve been feeling a little antsy about life and goals and all that mid-life crisis stuff and have gathered up the guts to…


OPEN MY OWN STORE! Lots more to be determined. I’ve found a couple of locations, a primary choice, figured out a lot of the details, but there is still much to do. Looking forward to sharing more as they come into focus. Your positive energy would be greatly appreciated. I’m scared but very excited.