A couple of weekends in Michigan’s harbor country, canning fruit, and gardening

Mother’s Day weekend and this Memorial Day weekend were spent happily skipping up and down the Red Arrow Highway, camping on the lakes, discovering new vintique shops, and enjoying the wonderful company of my little family and very sweet friends.

Mother's Day 2012 at Warren Dunes
A horribly unflattering pic of me, but the rest of the gang looks cute so it stays. Fi, Beverly, Dave, Will, and me…the Mama, after 2 days with no shower.

So I haven’t had free days to blog and make stuff, thus the crickets. Last weekend I went nuts in the backyard, doing all the spring cleaning and such. This past holiday weekend Dave, Will, and I all went up to Swan Lake in Michigan and enjoyed the Allegan Antique Market, then made a pit stop at the Dutch Farm Market. The last time I was there was when I bought buckets of fresh in-season strawberries to add into our wedding cake. This time I bought more strawberries and some rhubarb, which is currently sitting in a big bath of sugar and lemon juice in our fridge waiting for Sophia and I to turn it into jam when I get home from work.

You can definitely tell when things warm up around here. The blogging slows, the outdoor time maximizes. I live for Midwest summers. I spent my childhood on the Gulf Coast suffering from bouts of heat stroke and heat-related illness. I’m so happy to live in a part of the country where you can really enjoy the summers and the Michigan harbor country is my favorite place to spend them. The fruit stands, the lakeside beaches, the cute little cottages, the antique shops…I could spend many happy days slowly cruising up and down the Red Arrow Highway.

I have friends around work and home who just don’t get the vintage camping nuttiness. To them I hold up this photo. Because I get moments like this. They spent all day playing and hiking together. The spent the evening roasting marshmallows and playing with flashlights. This is what fills my heart with love. This is the childhood I want for them.

Mother's Day 2012 at Warren Dunes

Mother's Day 2012 at Warren Dunes

I’ll have to tell you guys all about Minnie’s later. It’s the cutest little vintage home shop on the Red Arrow. But only if you promise that you won’t all go at once and leave some for me!