Blog Camper: let’s design a vintage camper together!

This cute little jellybean followed me home on Sunday. It’s all of 700 pounds soaking wet and there’s so little weight on the hitch that we don’t even use the jack. Just pick it up and put it on the ball. Hah!

Jellybean micro canned ham seller pics

So this morning while I was pondering paint colors, I thought, “How fun would this be to design as a community project?” So let’s do it! Each design step, I’ll turn to you guys and get your input, just like on that HGTV show “Blog Cabin”. We’ll make all the design decisions together. Should be fun!

Let’s start with exterior paint. What do you guys think? It needs to stay white or ivory on top so it reflects the sun, which will help it stay cooler, but the bottom can be any color that RustOleum makes in an exterior gloss spray paint. (This post/series is not endorsed by RustOleum. It’s just the paint I’ve found works in the past.) Click here to see their swatches.

Here are the calls we need to make:

1) Top color: white or ivory
2) Bottom color: any shade from this swatch page.

Leave your decision in the comments below and be sure to sign up for the newsletter (over on the right) so you can stay in the loop as we move along!