Color it classic British: textiles for the Airflyte

I love the classic English country palette with shades of reds, whites, and blues in mixed and layered patterns. Forcing myself away from a habitual blue/green scheme, I’ve been having a lot of fun finding just the right shades that stay on theme.

Textiles for the Airflyte

Clockwise from top: white embroidered balloon shades for the rear bed area, the tablecloth, blue for the dinette cushions, red gingham throw pillows from the front dinette, and tiny rosebud and blue dotted white cotton curtains for the front windows.

I picked a duvet cover for the rear bed out of the Ikea closeout bin for $10 that is white with little pink roses all over it.

Taking lots of inspiration from Cath Kidston as well as one of my favorite blogs, Happy loves Rosie, there’s lots more to layer in, but this is a good start.

What do you think?