Blog love: Out Like Bandits

Every now and then I happen across another blog that makes my heart pitter patter and today’s was exceptionally cool. I was looking for ideas of how to handle my dinette cushions in the Airflyte and Out Like Bandits popped up in my Google results. Hey! Another creative mom bringing back an old vintage Shasta so she can take her little family on adventures. So nice to see.

Photo credit: Out Like Bandits

Looks to be a fairly young blog, only 3 pages so far, about a little family fixing up and traveling around in a ’69 LoFlyte. I have a soft spot for LoFlytes, since that was our first.

Remember the one Dave couldn’t stand upright in? Heather & Mike over at The Shasta Project own her now. -Another blog worth peeking in on.

LoFlyte + Dave = Not so much
I love the layout, design, and content. Quite a few really cute posts so far. Really digging the post about road trip hair. I’ve been wanting to try the vintage scarf-do. I think it’s an adorable look.

I’m looking forward to seeing where they go with this.

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