Re-webbing vintage aluminum lawn chairs

So, you know, we have this vintage Shasta Airflyte and it just wouldn’t look right to put new folding camp chairs out front. So I’ve been scouring yard sales and thrift shops for old aluminum lawn chairs. You can pick them up for a buck or two and they’re pretty easy to find. The webbing, however, is not.
Will testing the webbed chaise lounge

If you’re in the Chicago area, the True Value in Brookfield will order any color you want and you can have it in about 3 days. I’d recommend against ordering online since most places seem to charge twice what you can get the webbing for in stores. One pack should run around $5. You’ll need 1 pack for a chair, 2 for a chaise lounge.

There are 3 ways these things are put together. Screws, clips, and these C-shaped half tube clamp thingies. (That’s what they’re called in the trade.) So check before you head off to the store so you know ahead of time if you’ll need to buy clips. If you have screws or the C-shaped half tube clamp thingies, you can just re-use them.

Most of the chairs I’ve picked up use screws. So let’s go with that. (Seriously, this is not a project to shy away from. It’s a piece of cake and you’re re-using something that has character and is cool.)

Webbed chair repair

Fold the end diagonally one way

Webbed chair repair

Then take the corner and fold it across at a 90 degree angle. (Does that make sense?)


It would be better if you have grommets, but I just screwed right into the triangle since there are 3 layers of webbing in place.


The biggest thing to remember when you’re weaving the webbing is to make sure that you go behind the aluminum bar at the fold of the chair. Pull the webbing nice and tight. If you’re doing a chaise, weave it with the chair in the upright position. If you weave it in the reclined position, you’ll attach the webbing in such a way that you won’t be able to raise it because it’ll be too taut.

Chair, done.

There are tons of colors out there, tons of pattern possibilities. It’s a worthy effort that keeps a cool, functional piece out of the landfills.

Have fun!