Fixing up my 1962 Shasta Airflyte

So apparently this fixing up vintage campers thing isn’t a one time thing. It’s not even a 4 time thing.

When I started shopping around for a camper to fix up a year ago, the Airflyte was the one that made my heart skip a beat, but I couldn’t touch them at around $3,000, and that was on the low end. But apparently I built up some good camper karma by fixing up the others and putting them back on the road. My roomie out at the hangar had his paws on one that looked pretty scary on the outside. So scary that I wasn’t sure about taking it on at all. But he spent a couple of days on it, cleaning it up and putting down fresh 8″ tiles, and she looked SO cute that I was hard core smitten and snatched her up.

Here’s a shot of the Yellowstone out at the hangar this winter with the Shasta just shivering off in the background, all alone. Can you see her off to the right?


I was interested in the sense that here was a gem that was melting away in an old airfield. Very sad looking.


It’s amazing what we might pass by because it looks trashed, but really it’s just dirty. Look at the cabinets here.


Now check out what a scrubbing and a coat of amber shellac can do:

Pick up and day 1 of Shasta Airflyte

Again, nothing but a clean up. She just needed a bath to start looking more like her old self.

Pick up and day 1 of Shasta Airflyte

Randy the hangar roomie put down new tiles:

Pick up and day 1 of Shasta Airflyte

Took her over to the local car wash and did a top to bottom pressure spray, then prepped for paint.

Pick up and day 1 of Shasta Airflyte

Dave pulling off the old wood panels. We’ll recover these spots in the future, but not sure what to do with them yet. Right now I’m just using some foam core and white duct tape as a placeholder to keep the elements out. Classy-looking? No.

Day 2: Shasta Airflyte

After working on it for a couple of days, Sophia and I decided on a quick overnight trip to Lake Shabbona to enjoy our new clubhouse for a bit.

Site 117 @ Lake Shabbona

Storage! Ahh. Awesome.

There is still a lot to do. I need to roll out the dings and dents, finish painting, and fix the dinette cushions. They need to be wood-glued, clamped, and screwed back together then recovered. We might tackle that this weekend.

Right now I’m in-between gigs [see my portfolio here] so I’m pouring all that extra energy into finishing the Airflyte, rehabbing another 1958 mystery trailer, re-webbing a stash of vintage aluminum chairs, fixing up an old 40’s kitchen wall clock, and sanding lots and lots and LOTS of estate sale furniture. So lots of creative posts in the pipeline. Check back soon!