Glamming up a Vintage Airstream

So it went a little something like this. I designed a website for a local scooter shop in trade for a scooter. Sold the scooter for a 1968 Shasta LoFlyte, sold the LoFlyte to buy a 1955 Yellowstone Sunset, then sold the Yellowstone to buy…

A 1973 Airstream Tradewind. (yippee!)

(Tons of pics here)

I think we’ll stand on the Airstream for awhile. What’s funny is that all of these upgrades required no additional money. It was just better opportunities to trade up that presented themselves. Kind of like a vintage camper version of Property Ladder.

Coming home

Anyway, so there’s work to be done. I was very inspired by the cottage in the Swedish version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, how it was light and airy with traditional touches and graphic florals. We’ll be doing a Scandinavian Cottage vibe with the new trailer.

Cottage from the Swedish version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

The sunny yellow Formica on the counter tops is in good shape, so I let that inspire the color palette. Well go light gray and yellow in graphic prints and bedding, then try to mix in touches of color anywhere else we can, but still keeping things light and bright.
Airstream Tradewind PICK UP DAY! 2-11-12

I chose a yellow and gray modern floral from Amy Butler’s Midwest Modern line for curtains in the rear bunk areas. Maybe in the front as well, but not final on that yet.

I’ve been doing some shopping around the house. After we moved into our 1927 bungalow, I started going more farmhouse/flea market with the decor and packed away a lot of our mid-century modern stuff. Now they’ll get a new life in the Airstream.

That’s about as far as I’ve gotten on decorative daydreaming aside from my Pinterest board devoted to this project. There’s a lot of real work to be done before I start primping our new little caravan.

I’ve already done lots of scrubbing.
Airstream weekend 2

And took care of some easy fixes.

(rear bunks before)
Airstream Tradewind PICK UP DAY! 2-11-12

(rear bunks after) New wood on the bed frames, new twin mattresses.

Airstream weekend 2

Scrubbed all the carpet gunk off the wood floor, put down a gray runner as a placeholder until we can replace the wood in the front area and put down permanent flooring.
Airstream weekend 2

Airstream weekend 2

Assessed repairs to be done.
'73 Airstream Land Yacht Tradewind BEFORE


There are lots of dings in the aluminum skin, many which (thankfully) can be pulled or rolled out by hand.
Airstream Tradewind PICK UP DAY! 2-11-12

She needs new tires, a brake job, and we need to do a good check of the water system. All the electric and gas lines were redone in the last 4 years.

I’ll be adding sets to my Flickr collection as each project takes another step forward.

So what do you think? Any suggestions for the decor? Any tips for the repairs? Do you own a vintage Airstream? How did you do things?