Hangar workspace

One of my New Year’s Eve to-do list items was to find a large workspace. We’ve been paying rent on a storage space and a parking spot for the camper, and with the addition of this new studio/storage/camper spot we will actually decrease a bill, which worked out kind of well.

Anyway, so I’m trying to tell you that I rented an airplane hangar. One-third of a hangar, to be precise, which is plenty of space for me.

Funny…My grandfather being one of the first licensed pilots on the country, my father being a pilot, one brother working as an aerospace engineer, another working for a national airline.
BBG @ the hangar

I don’t fly, but I’m the only one with an airplane hangar. I think that’s kind of funny.

[Dad’s edit via email this morning: “Your grandfather was flying before there was pilot licenses!!”]

And now I know my dad reads my blog.

Anyway, so what I’m really trying to tell you is that I rented an airplane hangar and that I’m going to use it to store and fix up neat old furniture. Stuff like this:
BBG @ the hangar

But if I were to pull you aside and whisper in your ear, I’d also tell you that I’m very much looking forward to warm days with my family in the countryside, away from the TV and internet, and letting it all wind down with a view like this:
BBG @ the hangar

I can feel my soul freeing up, moving like a thawing river, gaining some momentum, getting ready to create some good stuff.

More to come…