Making a flea market shopping cart liner

On my project list for this coming weekend is to make a liner for my folding shopping cart. I use it when I go to antique, vintage, and flea markets. If I can’t be out trolling the grassy aisles in Kane County, I can at least be working toward it in some fun little way, right? If you’re a pro market goer, you know you have one of these with you at all times. Can’t be held down by armloads of vintage treasures when there’s shopping to be done!

My friend Carrie over at Loyal Order of the Glamper had this one made from oilcloth, which inspired me to look around for other examples. Isn’t it cute? Love the vintage styling, and the oilcloth would certainly be durable and easy to wipe down.

market shopping cart liner

Then I looked around on Etsy and found a couple other examples, finally settling on this one designed by Karla at Remixed Stitches as the style I’m going to try to make. I love the resourcefulness of her design. The old coffee bag trimmed with scraps of leftover fabric…charming and hard-working. At $28, it’s a great deal for something unique and handmade. I’d buy one if I didn’t feel like I wanted to try making one myself.

shopping cart liner for flea market carts

I’ve ordered a used coffee sack to upcycle and I have plenty of cute vintage fabrics to use as trim along with a grommet set for attaching ties to the basket. This should be a fun and easy thing to knock out this weekend. Can’t wait to get it it!

Sources for materials
Oilcloth:, Oilcloth Addict,
Market carts: Amazon, Container Store
Used coffee sacks: Artisan Coffee Works (Etsy)
Pattern for sewing a shopping cart liner: Perfect Pie Lady (Etsy)

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