Gift interview with my husband

I have an incredibly crappy history of epic fails when it comes to giving gifts to my husband. He is impossible to shop for. I mean, IMPOSSIBLE. He will not tell me what he wants, leaving me guessing. I’ve been guessing and failing for the past 6 1/2 years.

One year I bought him a set of really nice wireless headphones. We lived in an apartment and Sophia’s bedroom was right off the living room. So when she went to bed, he couldn’t listen to his beloved collection of old punk vinyl. I knew he was missing that, thus the headphones. I thought I had hit a total home run. As a total afterthought, I tucked a pair of expensive insoles in the bag because he stands at his job all day.

As he opened the bag, it went something like, “Oh…(blank face)…HEY! INSOLES!”

So when I saw this post over at Fresh Vintage, I decided he would be the perfect person to grill on the topic of gift history.

What is the best gift that you ever gave someone?

(Takes a really long time to answer) I don’t know. I can’t even remember any gifts I’ve given. Wait…I remember I made my grandpa a squirrel feeder once when I was a kid. I was really proud to give it to him.

What is your favorite gift that you ever received from someone?

Baby Will? (He asks. This is a question.) My watch? The Bears mug I got from Sophia? Those were good. For the best gift I ever got, it would probably be the year I got those insoles. (Well good. I’m glad I went to the trouble to procure an autographed football from Mike Ditka and a video of Lance Briggs where he says my husband is awesome.)

What would be the best gift EVER?

A dinner.


Dave partaking in the joys of a newly gifted nose hair trimmer.

I give up. He’s either the most impossible man to shop for in the whole world or the cheapest. Maybe I should just stock up on Old Spice and Dr. Scholl’s.

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