Blog Love: Chalk Cloth Tablecloth

Oh, I was on a roll! Until some vicious bug took me down over the weekend. I’ve abandoned my sweet little blog for vats of Pepto and quality time on the daybed. Ugh.

Tools of the trade

Enter the Chalk Cloth Tablecloth Project.

So I’m totally pulling a cheater cheater pumpkin eater blog post by sharing this bit of brilliance spotted over at Oilcloth Addict (in the name of Blog Love). It’s one of those “Ahh! So easy! So smart! So cute! I’m so doing this!” things. Kelly has taken oilcloth faced with a chalkboard finish and trimmed it so that it’s an exact fit to her tabletop.

Image: Oilcloth Addict

What a fun way to spark conversations, keep the kids entertained, and create an inspired table for your guests? Click here for the tutorial. Thanks to Oilcoth Addict for the great idea!

Sources for chalk cloth:
Oilcloth Addict’s Etsy Store
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