Edgar Blazona-esque dollhouse

When we had a tiny house with a big backyard, I bought the plans for Edgar Blazona’s MD100 one room structure with the idea that I’d make a studio out back.

Edgar Blazona one room structure

Before that could happen, we moved to a bigger house with a tiny backyard and no room for the MD100. I’ve never given up on the dream of building a smattering of Blazona’s structures, maybe in the woods somewhere near a river or lake. Someday that will happen, but for now I’m thrilled with the idea of having my own mini Blazona-esuqe structure to play with, thanks to CB2. {que not-so-subtle “cough cough” hint directed at my darling husband}

Neville House from CB2

The original touts an approximate $1500 in materials to build. CB2 comes in at an even more affordable $59.95, rad fireplace included. They even have a line of Christmas ornaments in the form of classic modern chairs and furnishings. {again nudging my husband}

cb2 dollhouse chairs

Reed Chair Ornament $3.95 @ CB2
Igloo Chair Ornament $2.95 @ CB2

Tell Santa, this girl isn’t too old to play with dollhouses and she’s been really good this year.

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