Five favorite Kindle Fire cases and covers

I got to go pick up my new Kindle Fire last night. I was so excited that when I pulled into the store parking lot, I jumped out and started running into the store with the keys in the ignition and the car still running.

I haven’t had that much screen time with my new lovely just yet, but I have spent a bit of time wondering what kind of case to get. If you’re like me, you want something a little more special than the common black nylon case found at any office supply store. So I’ve dug up a few cases and covers for you to compare. Most are from Etsy, so no surprise that they’re extra-super-cute.

It’s worth noting that if you already have a Kindle case with elastic restraints instead of the plastic snap-in type, it’ll work just fine for your Fire. Of course, I had the wrong kind, so off-a-shopping I went.

kindle fire cover by irisandlily

Kindle Fire Hardcover Case by irisandlily {shopping link}

The front cover folds completely back and the flap magnetizes to the back for a secure hold. The magnetized flap also folds under the case cover to hold your reader extra securely. This super functional case is created in soft designer fabrics that give your reader great style and are soft against the device. The cases hold your e-Reader securely with elastic . They look like a book, feel like a book and the cover even folds back like a book. And if you like to use your e-Reader for other things, you can flip the cover and the flap back to create a wedge, which will prop your e-reader up. All Iris + Lily cases are custom made when you order.

Kindle Fire Case Cover Sleeve Zipper Pouch Detachable Wristlet
Kindle Fire Case Cover Sleeve Zipper Pouch Detachable Wristlet by UpStyle {shopping link}

Made for the new Amazon Kindle Fire. Padded to keep your new baby from incidental bumps and scratches. If you don’t have a Kindle Fire but have a wrist, well, this bag is for you as well! The detachable wristlet enables you to keep it close at hand. Sleek enough to slide into your handbag or duffle. It weighs a mere 2 ounces! Made with 1/8″ high-density foam padding (similar to Neoprene) between fabric layers to protect your device from scratches and low-impact bumps. This Kindle Fire Case is made with a gorgeous fabric by Dutch designer Hella Jongerius. The fabric shows off a stunning varied width stripe pattern in black, taupe, warm gray, orange, and poppy with hot pink and pale lavender metallic highlights. Notice how the highlights pick up the light! Also available in an alternate colorway. Fabric samples available upon request.

Kindle Fire Cover created from Discarded Book Case by ReAuthored
Kindle Fire Cover created from Discarded Book Case by ReAuthored {shopping link}

This Kindle Fire case is not only unique and beautiful, it’s also made from a real book! Our cases are made by hand, with love, and they are unlike anything else you’ll find.

The book is typically chosen at random with care taken to ensure we don’t use anything potentially offensive or blatantly religious in nature. If you have a specific type of book in mind, please don’t hesitate to contact us to see what we may have in stock that would be a good fit. However, please keep in mind that we acquire our books through “last stop” sources which means the selection is always changing and our control is limited. If you own a book you want us to use, let us know and we would be more than happy to convert it to a case for you!

Verso Prologue Antique Cover for Kindle Fire

Verso Prologue Antique Cover {shopping link}

Wrapped in luxurious fabric, this exceptionally crafted cover could easily blend into an old world style library disguised as a classic novel. But admirers will soon realize this cover offers far more than a striking vintage appearance. A handy front pocket makes a convenient place to store travel or business documents.  The interior cover features a velvety microfiber fabric to help protect your device from scratches. Our unique design features the Verso patent-pending strap system to enable a secure fit for tablets and e-reader devices.

Kindle3, Kindle Touch, Kindle Fire Case Wool Felt Granite with Strap and Side Load

Kindle3, Kindle Touch, Kindle Fire Case Wool Felt Granite with Strap and Side Load by PinsnNeedlesCases {shopping link}

Simple yet functional case to protect your Kindle is created from a thick, sturdy felt. Front strap is secured with velcro. 100% granite wool felt measures 3mm thick. Functional, simple, practical…

*It’s worth reminding y’all that TJ Maxx has a fabulous assortment of eReader and iPad cases and sleeves if you’re in budget mode. I picked up a Targus zip up case for $7.99 at lunch today. That’ll hold me until my magical dream case crosses my path.

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