Save tons, make your favorite household cleansers

I’ve been seeing a bunch of posts lately about how to make your own batches of your favorite household stuff, like Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap. Mmm. I love Mrs. Meyer’s. Geranium, Basil, Lemon Verbena…I can never choose. And now I can make a gallon of the stuff for the same cost as a bar of the soap.

Recipe (and photo) from Family of Farmers (click through to get it)

Dishwasher detergent! Oh man it sucks when you realize you’ve run out after loading a dinner’s worth of dishes into the washer. So whether it’s to save your stress levels or save some dough, Being Creative to Keep My Sanity has a recipe so you can make your own. How cool is that?

Recipe (and photo) from Being Creative to Keep My Sanity (click through to get it)

I’ve saved my favorite for last. Could it be that laundry soap be so pretty that it makes you want to wash your clothes? Maryjane over at The Beehive Cottage has a recipe for 16 pounds of pretty pink flakes using Pink Zote Soap. That’s enough for about 150 loads on just over $12! I love how she’s used a vintage teacup and metal picnic basket for scooping and storing her soap. This one might even make a great Christmas gift for that Hostess with the Mostess.

make your own laundry soap

Recipe and photo from The Beehive Cottage (click through to get it)


And while obviously not a cleanser, this one is definitely a “good to know”. Make your own Mod Podge.

With kids or even grownups who like to craft like big kids, this stuff is handy but expensive at $8-$9 for a small jar. Do it Yourself Divas have a recipe so you can just make big ol’ batches yourself. Decoupage to your little heart’s content.

I applaud all these great ideas and these smart cookies for sharing their savvy solutions. Any good tips you’ve found or know about to make those things we use all the time?


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