Master bedroom on a budget 2

Yesterday we started our master bedroom makeover using budget finds or items already in our home. Some things are swap outs for other spots, some from our garage, at least one is an alley find. This isn’t a project I really have money to do right now, so we’re going to work it and work it HARD.
Master bedroom on a budget: nightstands

Old furniture that’s gone out of style or maybe has a not-so-great finish can get a fabulous new life in a bright hue. These thrifted nightstands have taken on a bright teal paint job and give us much-needed drawer space.

Gone: piles of books, lotion, medicine, bobby pins, tissue, and rogue juggling ball. (Why is that in here?)

The nightstands replace the metal TV trays we had been using, previously covered with black tablecloths. We had the lamps from our old house.

I topped them with a set of rikrak-edged cloth napkins from World Market just to keep the finish nice. I’m not sure if those will stay yet.
Master bedroom on a budget: nightstands