Lost without my Canon Elph camera

I have been without my Canon Elph camera since mid-October. I can’t say for sure, but the smart money is that my clepto toddler has something to do with it. What proper blogger doesn’t have a digital camera? I love that camera! All of my settings were dialed in just how I like them.

Anyway, so that’s why most of the posts of late have shots from my phone in the entries. I tell ya, I feel lost. It’s like a pet who has died and you keep thinking, “Oh, I should go feed him…oh wait. Never mind.”

Except it’s, “Oh! I should take a picture of that…oh wait. Never mind.”

Sad face.

This is not the first thing that has gone MIA at the hands of Will. I’ve been late for work because he loves playing with my keys, but just drops them wherever he is when he gets tired of them. The memory card from my DSLR is gone because he loves pushing buttons and pulling little things out of slots and tossing them aside. Oh camera, if you come back to me I promise I’ll keep you safe and snug in a little down jacket in my purse far away from the prying hands of a 2 year old little boy. I miss you so much I could cry.

Please come home.