Roller skating 1979 style

Ahh 1979.

I had a brand new pair of Fireball roller skates in a fabulous red-white-and-blue pattern, freshly re-strung with glittery rainbow shoelaces, topped with a set of baby blue fuzzy pom poms. Every Friday night and many weekend days I lined up with my friends at PearWood Skate Rink to chase the reflections of the mirror ball around the hardwood floors. I could stay there all night and frequently did.

Holy crap I was HOT. I could do all the moves, including stay upright which is my biggest roller skating challenge now. I could flip around backward, do spins, drop down with one leg out front, all the fancy stuff. We were fueled by Frito Pies and Dr. Pepper. I loved when they’d do the races, but I was always left in the dust. I never missed a special skate, even if it meant grabbing a good friend for the couple’s only songs.

This is pretty much exactly what I wore, except my blue satin jacket had a rainbow roller skate embroidered on the pocket. I still remember gathering up my roller skating equipment/uniform and the excitement of waiting in line to get in and put my skates on and TOTALLY ROCK IT.

Que the Billy Squier!

1979 roller skating uniform


Who else donned this look? I know you did! Fess up!