Die, clutter!

My kitchen is making me nuts. There is a lack of uniformity that is making my eye twitch and my PMS flare like an A-Bomb. It’s time to go  drop half my paycheck at the Container Store. All the clunky stuff that is rarely used will go on shelving in the basement. Cute mid-century canisters, you’re going on eBay and being replaced with a lineup of glass cracker jars with chalkboard labels (Spotted at The Flibbertigibbet Blog). Mismatched rice bins, your hours are numbered.

Getting organized

I’m out for blood.

There will be zen in this house if it kills me.

Here’s the plan:
I’m going to use a rectangular punch in a flourish design to make stick-on chalkboard labels. Then I’ll apply them to  a set of cracker jars (these things are so timeless and affordable at just about $6 apiece). How ya like them apples?

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to declutter or organize a challenging part of your house, I’ve been collecting really neat ideas from all over the place on my Pinterest board. Check it out. There are some smart cookies out there who have come up with some really creative and, dare I say FUN, solutions that might actually make you WANT to get started on that nagging project.

 Update: Here’s the end result. I’ll take better pics as soon as I can locate my camera. I’m lookin’ at the toddler boy and he’s not fessing up where it’s stashed. Hmm.

Organization project: chalkboard sticker jars