Talk about love

I remember going to the hospital the day my brother was born even though I’m only a couple years older. He was born in a 1 story hospital in Palacios, Texas. I wasn’t allowed inside, so my dad took me around to the window of the room he was in so I could peek inside. My stepmother (very small on the “step” part…she cared for me as an infant) got a doll for me so I could mirror her activities as she cared for him. I named the doll Christopher after my baby brother.

I’ve always been very close to my brothers. They mean the world to me. My brother Chris is the Godfather of Sophia and he and his wife are Will’s Godparents. I remember looking over at his and his wonderful wife hold our son during his Christening with tears in their eyes. I knew they were thinking about how they hoped someday they would be holding their own child. Now they have two.

My brave and smart brother and sister-in-law are incredibly well-educated, hard-working, driven people. You’ll be hard pressed to find people with bigger hearts. A few years ago, they started the adoption process that eventually led them to two little boys in a remote Russian orphanage. Can you imagine the fears and concerns? You hope they are dealt with fairly, that the children are as healthy as possible, that no one will break their hearts or lead them astray. So many things you hope will go right for these wonderful people and beautiful children. Anything could go wrong. Russia is so foreign to us in so many ways outside the literal, so it feels very scary to attempt to navigate such a twisty legal road inside a system you aren’t familiar with.

Our days as their family have been filled with worry and longing to be able to reach out and make it easier for them somehow. But you can’t do anything. It’s not your battle to fight, so you cheer them on as best you can. Reading that your sister-in-law has somehow managed to dislocate her shoulder in a tiny remote Russian apartment in a building with a broken elevator…that’s stuff that you just keep faith that they will be protected and things will unfold as they should.

And they did.

The process to get these boys here, for them to be a part of this family, was fueled by 100 percent love. The kind of hard-driving love that keeps you from ever thinking of giving up…a parent’s kind of love.

I’m very excited to finally be able to publicly introduce my gorgeous nephews, Evan and Alex.


They’re finally here, in their new home, part of their new family. It’s been a long road for my brother and sister-in-law, but they’re home with their sons, being mom and dad.

Welcome to the family, darling nephews. We’re going to have a lot of fun together. Love, Aunt Alana.