Fashion hack: The J. Crew Timex ribbon watch

My grandmother was a nurse and always wore a watch with a grosgrain ribbon band. I can’t say for sure, but I bet it was a Timex, too. She was pragmatic and would have worn the best little machine for the job. So when I saw J. Crew selling a very similar watch, my heart swooned. If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you know that my grandmother and I were incredibly close.

Anyway…so let’s get grandma-style-pragmatic.

Here’s the J. Crew watch that runs from $90-$150:

J. Crew Timex ribbon watch


Here’s the watch I already had on hand (On hand! Whoo I’m clever.) purchased at Target for $29:
(Side note, my husband’s sisters and I all bought matching watches to form a secret trifecta of awesomeness. So while there may be nicer, fancier watches on the market, none will ever be as special.)

Target Timex watch


Now the fun part. This afternoon I wandered into the jewelry mall at 21 N. Wabash to get a chicken schwarma sandwich (Yes I buy my chicken schwarma in a jewelry store. Where do you buy yours??) and there was a watch guy selling ribbon bands for $8 apiece. Normally I would have taken this one step further and just sewn one myself, but between buying heavy-duty grosgrain and a silver buckle, I figured I’d be at least $8 into it, so I plunked down the dough.

Better than jCrew grandma watch :)
Strap buckle
I love fun little fixes like this that refresh a trusted accessory with little more than pocket change, don’t you?