And I’m ziggin’ and I’m zaggin’

So remember how I was all “LoFlyte this…” and “LoFlyte that…”? Well, silly me read an article over at Loyal Order of the Glamper about another trailer that was super cute, wanted to know about the manufacturer, ended up surfing from one article to the next and then on over to Cragislist….yadda yadda, the LoFlyte is sold and now I own a 19′ mid-50’s Yellowstone.

19' Yellowstone ad (same as ours)

How ya like that for totally skimming over all the details?

But the truth is that it pretty much happened exactly like that. Dave and I were working on the camper and that night he said, “I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but I hate that camper and I never want to go in it again.” Wide-eyed, I asked him, “Oh no! Why?” I felt terrible that here he was being his usual sweet and helpful self, working to make something nice for the family that he wasn’t going to enjoy. He said, “I can’t stand up in it!” I guess since we had been sitting down so much of the time while working in it, I hadn’t noticed that the poor guy literally had his ear on his shoulder to be able to stand up inside. GAH! What a horrible wife I am! My tall, adorable, sweet husband can’t even sort of stand up straight.

LoFlyte + Dave = Not so much

SO…a very causal look at the market immediately turned up an AMAZING Yellowstone Sunset camper trailer from the mid-to-late 50’s that is 6’6″ inside. -A whole inch of extra headspace, but still one of the taller ones out there.  I quickly put the LoFlyte on the market and fate worked her wonders. It was sold within a couple of days to an incredibly cool couple who are going to do all sorts of wonderful things to her and take her on lots of adventures, then the owner of the Yellowstone called me and told me it was mine!

Then some angels sang and there was peace in the Middle East.

Here’s the real kicker, this is the very model that lit me up to start reading the Tin Can Tourists website 10 years ago. It was the one I saw and thought, “Oooh. That’s bee-yoo-tiful, but I’ll never get to have one of my own.” She’s my dream camper and she came to me. ::deep sigh of satisfaction::

Admittedly the new ol’ gal needs lots of love, but I think she is a worthy candidate for restoration and will be a real showpiece when the work is done. Sigh…she makes my heart sing.

This is what she’ll look like someday:
1958 Yellowstone Sunset Camper

Here are some pics of her as things stand right now:
(This blog is pretty much turning into one that’s all about vintage campers. I promise I’ll find something non-camper-related to write about soon.)

1954 Yellowstone Sunset Camper

1954 Yellowstone Sunset Camper

1954 Yellowstone Sunset Camper

1954 Yellowstone Sunset Camper

1954 Yellowstone Sunset Camper

And many more here on my Flickr account.