Shasta LoFlyte update: Baby steps

I had big plans for this past weekend. I was going to paint the stripes on the exterior a light, glossy ocean blue along with the towing frame and hardware. Chicago had other plans and shafted us with a cold, misty, wet, icky weekend. Naturally Monday is glorious. Jerks.

So I settled for putting the new full-size futon mattress in the rear bed area. (Sorry, I only have a camera phone pic for now.)

Shasta baby steps

At some point soon I’d like to add this cover to it in order to bring more color into the scheme:


BUT WAIT! I have an incredibly cool story to tell you. So I’ve been posting here and there on this blog and others as well as message boards as I try to learn more about the camper. I even started a site dedicated just to Shasta LoFlytes so I can put everything I find in one place for anyone else who comes along after like a good little Scout. One day after putting up a post about my progress, I got the nicest email from a lovely gal named Dana. She shared some pics of her Shasta fixer-upper and noted that I don’t have the gas light over the stove area. She said she had one but was going to remove it so she could do something creative on that wall and asked if I would like it!

Shasta baby steps
Can you believe it? What an incredibly gracious gesture from a stranger. Who knows how long it would have taken to find one on my own? I need to pick out something from Bluebird Goods to send as a thank you. Any ideas?
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