Painting the Shasta LoFlyte, Day 2

Oh crap I’m exhausted. SO many nooks, crannies, cabinets, corners, hinges…Lots of things that have to be unscrewed, pulled off, painted around, and replaced.

I’ve painted countless rooms over the years and almost always been able to knock one out in a solid day, but here I am with this tiny camper and after 2 full days I’m only about 2/3 of the way done. It’s good, though. Things are coming along and if scrubbing, patching, and painting does anything, it gives you an intimate knowledge of every square inch. We’re keeping a running list of small items that need tending to. Dave went today and picked up a piece of cedar to replace the bad wood by the back window and is formulating his plan for pulling and resealing it.

Shasta LoFlyte: painting day 2

Shasta LoFlyte: painting day 2
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