Found one! Our “new” 1967 Shasta Model 1500 Camper


I’ve been wandering all over the entire Internet for TEN YEARS looking for the perfect little vintage camper and I finally found it! There was a Craigslist ad, semi-vague, for a 1967 Shasta that had been newly refurbished inside and out. No pictures, no model number. I wrote the owner, asked for photos and was giddy when I got these in return:

Update: Not this one. This one.

1967 Shasta Model 1500

1967 Shasta Model 1500

Here’s what I know so far: The Shasta 1500 sleeps six (likely optimistic). It’s the second smallest camper they make next to the Compact. 14’4″; from bumper to tow hitch and 6’6″ wide. The ‘box’ itself is a little over 11 feet long inside. Approx 2 feet longer than a Shasta Compact but the same width. and 2 feet shorter than an Airflyte and over a foot narrower.


It’s a few hours away and we’ve made arrangements to pick it up in a couple of weeks. That’s not stopping me from picking out cute dishes and planning out all the textiles in the meantime. It’s a whole new space to decorate and with a basement full of product from Bluebird Goods, I’m a kid in a candy my own store!

It’s SO cute! I can’t wait to get it home. I have all sorts of pictures in my head of the kids spending sunny afternoons splashing around in a Wisconsin lake somewhere, then playing Uno by the campfire like my grandmother used to do with me when I was a kid. Sigh…lots of fun family time ahead and I’m very much looking forward it to it all.

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