Spring’s the reason for cute bike baskets

Every year at this time I go on a mad hunt for all things outdoors. Last year it was for a new bike, and I ended up with a rosy pink Globe Bikes step-thru. This year, realizing my fantasy of gliding through town with a bouquet of flowers and bottle of wine tucked into my wicker basket was flawed due to the fact that no one seems to make a basket that will hold the weight of said bottle without distorting the basket to the point of wheel abrasion, I’ve opted for a harder-working option. If I can’t get home from the liquor store with more than one bottle in my basket, something is horribly wrong…dammit.

But hard-working still has to be pretty, doesn’t it? And it is! Luckily there are folks out there who are making some mighty adorable bike accessories that are neither angled at the milk-crate set nor the marathon set. They’re just for us…the skirt-wearing, cute hairdo up in a scarf, baguette-shopping, wine-toting, home decorating bicyclists. I’ve posted a much larger collection on my Pinterest page (complete with many shopping links) but here are my picks of the litter:

cute bike baskets

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By the way, I ended up buying the Wald Front Woody Basket and matching Wald #215WW Woody Rear Mount Bicycle Rack for the Globe.