Thrilled to be on Apartment Therapy!

I’ve been such a huge fan and avid reader of Apartment Therapy for years. At least twice a year I follow along as they do The Cure (an 8 week cleaning and organizing sweep through your home). I get a new bit of inspiration every single day, and have a large stash of links and images I’ve saved in my “go-to” files when I need an idea.

So I am naturally over the MOON that they featured our kitchen! My “I just got laid off…this sucks…I’m going to do something productive” project actually got us on AT! Thank you for highlighting the project, Jason. It’s such a wonderful gesture and I’m very proud of the mention.

What a great way to start off the week! And what’s even better, right after I found out about this I got a call offering a new Interactive Associate Creative Director job.

I’m thinking this might be a good time to buy a lotto ticket! Have a wonderful week, everyone.

Here’s a link to the article>

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