Hanging instruments

I’ve been keeping my guitars, mandolins, and other stringed instruments in a corner…in their cases…not getting played…for way too long. I’m the sort that will pick up my guitar every day if it’s out, but out of sight, out of mind. So I’ve been looking for a creative way to display my instruments in a way that won’t damage the crap out of our plaster walls and will allow for easy access. I do not care for commercial guitar hooks. They require such large holes for the wall anchors and I just don’t like the way they look.

An idea for hanging musical instruments

(Left to right: dulcimer, ukulele, acoustic mandolin, electric mandolin, and my trusty Takamine acoustic guitar.)


Our 1927 bungalow has picture molding around the top perimeter of the walls, so I purchased a couple of molding hooks, used cotton cording wrapped around a beautiful, fresh and thick branch found on a nature walk, then looped a few lengths of the same soft cording around the branch as well as the head stocks of the instruments.

Just to the left, out of frame, is the old black piano. -A gift from our friend Laurel, the previous home owner (she has visitation rights). I’m delighted to have a room dedicated to playing and enjoying music in our home.

Still not completely sold on the cotton cording, but until I come up with a better idea, it’ll stay. At least I don’t have to worry about it damaging the instruments or coming loose. I’m sure a little searching will turn up something prettier. Also still flip-flopping on painting the branch white.

So what do you think? Any suggestions?

Behind the head stock there is a little loop of cord that slips up and down on the larger loop that goes around the instrument. That’s what holds it snug and makes it easy & quick to remove.

hanging instruments

hanging instruments

hanging instruments