Restoring a vintage camper

For the past 10 years I’ve cycled into this mode of actively seeking a vintage camper to restore, then letting the dream fade away for one reason or another. Well, with warm weather on the way, the focus is back and I’m obsessed with all the cute campers out there that people have restored using great vintage decor as their inspiration. No longer are folks feeling restrained by the idea that their vintage camper should be restored to it’s 100% original condition. They’re becoming rolling expressions of adorable kitschy design…and I want one!

Hopefully this post will serve as our first step toward finding a vintage camper to restore. I’m looking for a 50’s or early 60’s Shasta “canned ham” type. ::sending out the vibes::: “Oh…cute vintage camper…come to me. Come to meeee.”

Here are a few of my favorite examples:

vintage camper

vintage camper

vintage camper interior

Also worth a browse, check out my Vintage Camper Longings set on Pinterest.