Organization: Taming the kitchen clutter with vintage canning jars

I suspect we all have those things that gather up on our kitchen windowsill. I certainly do! “Special” rocks gifted by my kids, a jar of champagne corks from various celebrations, clothespins that we use to crimp bags closed…they all end up in little piles or bins sitting around the kitchen.

Well, I finally found a use for all those blue glass canning jars that I’ve been collecting hoarding. Lined up on my window ledge, they filter the light in a pretty way and unify that mishmash of all the little things that tend to gather, turning them into small collections instead of piles of clutter.

Shown is a closeup of only 3, but there are about 10 ranging in various sizes. I’ll try to get a better picture of them all.

Storage: collection of old Ball blue glass jars