Project update: Painting the lower kitchen cabinets

Ok, this took one more weekend than I originally estimated, but they’re 95% done. All that’s left is to finish up the trim along the floor and we’re free to pull up the tape and call it complete. I’m really happy, but I’m still feeling a slight disconnect in the newness of the lower cabinets and the warm age of the upper deck. Those top cabinets weighed in heavily on our decision to buy the house. -They’re my favorite element of the kitchen.

Freshly painted kitchen

First I used Glidden “Gripper” primer, meant to go over pre-finished and pre-painted surfaces. Then I used Martha Stewart latex paint in “Talc” with a satin finish. “Bone Folder” turned out to be too beige for what I was envisioning. I’m not into high-gloss finishes and the satin still gives the ability to clean that you need in the kitchen.

Thank you all for the cheer leading and ideas. It really made this project more fun!

Painting the lower cabinets

Next time I get hit with a sewing bug, I’m going to do some sheers for the top doors to lessen the visual clutter.

Painting the lower cabinets

Next up: What to do with that Zbrick backsplash???

Next project: What to do with the Zbrick backsplash?