New feature: Your online shop

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I’ve been thinking and thinking about this topic for quite awhile now and have decided to start a series to help people who want to get their online business up and running as well as introduce them to all the free tools at their disposal that will wring out every last drop of sweat equity you have to put into your business.

After spending 15+ years as an Interactive creative professional, I’ve poured everything I’ve learned into my own shop, which is doing quite well. I’m very excited and would like to offer up some of the things I’ve discovered.

In the coming weeks I’ll cover:


  • Website options that are easy, no-coding needed.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Marketing:  How to get the most out of Facebook, Twitter, and social media.
  • Selling: How to get stock to sell. (drop ship!)
  • Shipping and Receiving options
  • Payment options for your site as well as on-location

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