Project: Stencilling on the ceiling = epic fail.

ceiling stencil

NOT my ceiling.

If you have the occasion to explain plans for a project to none other than Kevin Sharkey and even he is shaking his head with a gaping mouth, apparently you’ve gotten in over your head…pun intended.

So there I was, asking the man if I could use a huge, detailed stencil to mask sizing onto my ceiling and go back with silver leaf to get this beautiful detail and he’s asking me, “WHY are you doing this?? It sounds incredibly complicated.” then said to go buy a pre-made medallion and call it a day.  I shouldn’t feel bad that this effort was a major flop.

And why shouldn’t it have been? All I had to do was find the exact center of a room that was built in 1927 (which of course is perfectly square) and line up the points on an oval stencil full of swirly details worthy of Marie Antionette, then get the huge floppy stencil up onto the ceiling with all points matching the 90 degree angles that we had determined using a very simple form of Cantor’s theorm combined with elements of reverse triangle inequality borrowed from my brother, the aerospace engineer.

It wasn’t long before I said “EFF THIS”, arms covered in re-positionable spray mount and blue tape, and stomped off to the kitchen for a second cup of coffee. Ugh. Stupid stencil. Stupid ceiling. Stupid spray mount.

I totally get why Michelangelo was so grumpy.

My wonderful, amazing special touch that would provide just enough drama and beauty to make this room a real jem is TOAST. So now what? I’m looking for a ceiling medallion under $200 that is preferably oval in shape, but still SPECIAL…Something that I will look up every so often and think what a wonderful touch it is. Maybe it’s too much to hope for.

What about you? I bet you have a great idea, silent reader. Please share.