Blog love: Apartment Therapy

Happy Hump Day!

For a little fun mid-week distraction, I’d like to share one of my favorite blogs with you; Apartment Therapy.

Apartment Therapy

You’ll find tons of inspiration on the site. Everything from decorating exquisitely on a budget, to fun lifestyle items for kids, to the latest gadgets, environmental additions to your home, and recipes. Posts are divided by region, but there’s a big wealth of posts in the main site as well. (I love the Chicago bloggers. Always lots of happy finds to check out.)

If you, like many of us, have home organization as a “to do” on your New Year’s resolution list, be sure to check out their series called “The Cure”. It’s an 8 week long program where you go through every nook and cranny in your home in very manageable bites. It’s a group effort, so lots of folks post their progress as they move through the steps.

It’s about as close to fun as organizing your home will ever get!