Our big, crazy holiday season.

A couple of months ago I landed a great job as a design manager for a national retailer.

Retail + holidays = long days = no blogging.

So please pardon the catch up.

First off, Will has been walking like a champ for well over a month now. Lately he’s taken to running anywhere he can like a drunkard weaving down a street, still very wobbly. He’s so thrilled at this new skill that he laughs all the time as he cruises the house.

Sophia's first Christmas band concert

Sophia had her first Christmas concert. She started playing clarinet this year and it’s been a really neat experience to go through all the classical pieces that my father went through with me when I first started playing. She’s totally fallen in love with the Nutcracker and has watched 3 different versions on TV. We’ve decided we like the Royal Ballet version. It was the most charming, rich, and traditional, while the Casee Noisette was just…not right (weird). The Bolshoi’s version is dated and stark, but used to be my favorite.

Anyway, great that she’s developing an interest in the performing arts. I was raised with a deep appreciation and I’m so happy that she’s exploring them as well. Last weekend we went to see White Christmas the Musical at the Bank of America theater. Sophia’s favorite part was looking down into the orchestra pit and watching “the guy who plays [her] instrument”.

The house is very cozy and decorated for Christmas. There’s a nice amount of snow outside.

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Update: The house WAS very cozy and decorated for Christmas. In my New Year optimism, I hit the Container Store for a better way of packing this all away instead of wrapped up and tossed into opaque rubber bins as usual. Every year there are 3-4 bins of ornaments and we sort through them to pick out our standard favorites. This year I sorted through them all and packed them into a bin labeled “preferred ornaments” (no offense, other ornaments) and nestled them into individual card nooks nested with shredded acid-free paper. MUCH better. Next year things will be so much easier to manage come the day after Thanksgiving when we go to deck the halls.