2011: Resolutions and Projects

Ahh…A new year and an unreasonable pressure to get a bunch of stuff done.

Here’s the “MASTER LIST OF ACCOUNTABILITY” (you have to read that in a deep, booming voice).


  1. By this time next year, have an exquisitely organized home.
  2. Perform a significant act of environmental activism.
  3. Finally learn to play the piano.
  4. Incorporate a regular exercise routine into my life.
  5. More frequent time spent in nature.
  6. More art! Shoot something worth printing at least once a month. Build up enough new work to warrant a show by fall.
  7. Get Sophia to 1 piece of classic performance art per quarter.

Basement Family Room


  1. Paint the bead board in the basement a creamy white.
  2. Stencil a medallion around the dining room chandelier in silver leaf.
  3. Add wainscot in the dining room.
  4. Paint the lower cabinets in the kitchen.
  5. Pull down the old trellis on the back garage wall. Replace with a square trellis to cover the entire wall.
  6. Find a creative alternative to the blue-blob-quickset pool. Maybe an old galvanized stock tank?
  7. Break up the front walk and replace with large slabs of either bluestone or slate.

And, of course, keep working on my beloved BluebirdGoods.com. 🙂