Crafty: Galveston “vintage” transit scroll

bus transit scroll Galveston, TX

I knew this route by heart as a kid. As a matter of fact, I had to look up the names of a couple of the streets because I just knew to turn left at the old Moody house, right at the big yellow mansion, another left by the Catholic school and so on. 🙂

I’ve been inspired by the recent trend of displaying vintage transit scrolls in home decor, but wasn’t moved by any of them because the routes didn’t mean anything to me. Plus they sell for way out of my price range right now. Then I had an idea to create my own “bus route” to my favorite Galveston destinations. We start off by entering the island where I-45 ends and Broadway begins, then to my grandmother and grandfather’s home on Sealy, then over to Aunt Haydee’s and Uncle Dub’s, then a cruise down the Seawall, over for a ride on the ferry, ending up on The Strand.

My husband is printing a copy on 24″x48″ paper (important: must be a copy machine print, not ink jet or it’ll bleed.) then I’ll decoupage the print to a canvas of the same size and paint the edges of the canvas black.

I’ve included a link to the pdf here in case any of my family or other Galveston fans would like to try one of their own. Just send it to Kinko’s, have them print it for you, then whip out a jar of Mod Podge and mount it to a standard 24×48″ canvas (about $20 at any craft store).