Dining room: chandelier

The new dining room is decidedly one of those “mix and match” things. I’m totally OK with not being matchy-matchy with a complete set in there, but we’re swinging from one end to the other as far as eras and styles. Our credenza is a mid-century Danish modern piece and I just picked up a more traditional dining table at a local resale shop for under $200 that seats 10-14. I can’t decide if it should be painted black or white just yet. Suggestions? Hilarious because we eat most of our meals at the coffee table, but I have a dream! That dream includes a big gathering of loved ones and a fabulous meal…but I digress.

The chairs are not in house yet, but I’m flip-flopping between a mixed lineup and going the more traditional but painted route.

Loving twig chandeliers...and those chairs!

The one thing I have decided on is the chandelier. I’ve really been digging twig chandeliers lately, but being a coastal Texas girl, I wouldn’t feel that I did it right without some drippy crystals. We came dangerously close to a big, sparkly New Orleans style chandelier, but ended up with this when I got that happy “Ooh! It’s a little of both!” feeling.

Decisions to be made:

What color to paint the dining table?
What color to paint the walls? (Or leave them. They’re very pretty as-is, but I’m feeling like a dramatic dining area.)
Matching chairs or a fun mixed bag of chairs?

And…who to invite over for dinner first? 🙂


I think I’ve settled on a set of 8 Windsor chairs from Target in Black. Ramona tipped the scales toward painting the table black and I think it’s a good idea.

Now…What to do? What to do? I love the way everything is playing together EXCEPT my prized mid-century credenza. Hmm. Is this one of those “it will all work because you love it” type of situations?