Learn how to get your small business website up and running.

My “primary” job is working as an Interactive Creative Director (professional portfolio). I’ve been designing and developing websites for about 15 years now and I’ve really seen the industry grow to be a lot more accessible for start ups these days.

Thanks to open-source tools like Joomla and WordPress, it’s so much easier to build an online presence. Sure you can go drop $40,000 for a website like many clients have, but I want you to know something…you don’t have to if you’re willing to put a little elbow grease in and build your online boutique yourself. There are first-tier options out there that are effective and a great first step toward your goal.

I am currently developing a curriculum for getting your hobby/passion/art into an eCommerce environment all by yourself. You’ll learn everything you need to know to form your own business, finding wholesale vendors, getting your product online, setting up a shopping cart, apply standard SEO (search engine optimization), taking advantage of social media, and marketing your site for minimal investment and without hiring a programmer .

I’m excited and passionate about what I do. I put my professional experience to practice in my online shop. Knowing what tools are out there and how to put them together, I think it would be a lot of fun to teach others how to get up and running.

If I taught this course, would you be interested? You’d learn how to file for a DBA, get a sales license, get your Federal EIN number, set up your business checking, find and set up wholesale accounts, build a fairly plug-and-play website with a shopping cart, and how to market your site with minimal financial investment and some elbow grease. When I say “minimal investment”, I’m talking less than $300 for filing your paperwork with the state, getting your web hosting set up, and spending a little on targeted pay-per-click ads. If you’ve been sitting there, wishing you could get your dream online but thinking it was an investment of thousands, I’m here to tell you it can be done for substantially less and a little sweat equity.

We’ll spend a day together, everyone online, walking through the process. When you leave, you’ll be armed with printed reference materials so you won’t forget a single thing as you go down your chosen path.

If this sound like a class you’d be into taking and you live in the Chicago area, please email me at alana@alanawaters.com. My professional portfolio and resume is available for review at www.alanawaters.com.

Come on! Let’s have some fun!