Busy bee!

I’ve been busy, busy, busy! First on the list is my new online store, Bluebird Goods. After moving, I got so inspired by this 1927  bungalow with it’s original stained glass windows and kitchen cabinets. I want to capture this environment and blend it with what I grew up around at my grandmother’s home on the Gulf Coast. I love making things, fixing up old furniture, and using antiques to decorate with whenever possible. Old things have so much more character than new, plus you have to hunt for the right thing. So keep an eye out as I add more and more goodies for you and your home.

Next up is that I’m taking some time out of the marketing rat race while I figure out my career path. The options on the table right now are to take one of 2 potential full time gigs or move forward with opening my own Interactive agency. I have enough client work to do it, but am anxious about the ups and downs of that financial roller coaster. So until Monday, I’m taking a mental break from it all so I can think about it with a clear head.


Baby Will is taking a nap right now, but when he wakes up later I’ll take new pics of him. I can’t believe we’re so close from him turning 1 year old! That’s crazy! Then, of course, Sophia is only a couple of weeks away from her 9th birthday. Just breaks my heart how quickly she is turning into a beautiful young woman. She has such a sweet, earthy spirit. She’s just a little flower child. Part earth mama, part rocker chick, always amusing.