Coop en Route

PEEP PEEP!!! The girls are here!

Much development on the chick front. The girls have settled in nicely, though the little chipmunk-striped one has had some ongoing issues with pasting up. Pasting up is when their poo, which is toothpaste-like in consistency, blocks their tiny little vent. It is very serious and can kill the poor things, so you have to keep an eye on them, especially if one has demonstrated a tendency for this development. It’s supposed to clear up in about 2 weeks, so we’ll be able to relax a bit after then.

For now we have them living in our basement slop sink, because it has high walls, is in a room with a door (cats!), and is easy to clean. Soon, though, they’ll have to move into their brooder. It’s been so hot that I’m a bit worried about moving them into the stuffy garage. Hmm.

affordable chicken coop

After searching high and low, I found a fabulous deal on a chicken coop for our backyard. It’s crazy how expensive these things can get, so when I found a wood structure with 2 nest boxes and lots of hinged openings for ease of maintenance for $229 and free shipping, I jumped on it. I don’t think we could buy the materials for that price. Dave is going to construct a run with wire covering all sides and the bottom to keep the predators out. We’re near the zoo and forest preserve, so there are all sorts of animals who would love to make a meal out of our sweet little birds.

Just 1 more week until they can go outside!

Hope everyone is staying cool and enjoying their summer.