The chicks are coming! The chicks are coming!

We just placed our order for 3 baby Easter Egger chicks. Everyone’s so excited!

2 chicks have names; Martha and Nugget. The third is TBD. Any ideas?

I got the baby chick starter kit from, which looks like a good place to start our little darlings out. I can’t wait!

Here’s how MyPetChicken describes Easter Eggers:

These are one of our favorites! They are friendly, great layers of large blue and green eggs, and (rarely) white, creamy brown or even pinkish eggs. Their smaller body size makes them good in the heat, and their small pea comb means they do well in cold, too, because they are not as susceptible to frostbite. “Easter Eggers” are hybrids that carry the blue-egg gene of the true Araucana breed. We like to think that the pea comb is linked not only to the blue egg laying gene, but also to the “sweetness” gene, as well. Because this is a hybrid variety (not a breed), even if you have a whole flock of them, you can often tell them apart because they come in so many different colors – which isn’t always possible with other breeds. (Choosing your color is not possible because we can’t tell what the chicks will look like when they feather out.)

Other hatcheries (misleadingly) sell these as “Ameraucanas,” “Americanas” or sometimes “Araucanas;” however, only breeders can provide true Ameraucanas or Araucanas at this time.

Please note: This variety of chicken can lay blue, green, pink, white or brown eggs (or any color in between). There is no guarantee as to what color egg your hen will give. Each hen will give ONE egg color. The egg color will not change from one egg being laid to another. For example, if your hen has just laid a green egg, then don’t expect the second egg to be pink.