Time lost in tents

2010-06-06 15.23.12

When my brothers and I were little, we spent many hours hiding away in tents in our backyard. It was the best place to feel like we had a little freedom, almost like we lived on our own, free to set up as we pleased, invite other kids over, do whatever we wanted. I don’t think we even needed an activity, but were very happy to just sit inside of it and feel like we had our own little world.

Sophia and I had grand plans to erect some sort of homage to modern architecture out of canvas and wood, but as it happened, we found this Army surplus pup tent at Kane County this weekend for $20 and decided, “cool enough”. True to my hopes, she spent the rest of the day sitting in it, just laying there watching the birds, playing her DS, inviting friends to play, and even asking the whole family to get in there to ride out an afternoon rainstorm. I have my fingers crossed that one afternoon I will find her in there sprawled out with a book.

$20 well spent.

Hanging out with Fi in the Army surplus tent.

Backyard tent time in Brookfield