Kane County Flea Market

I’m so excited to head out to Kane County this weekend for the ginormous flea market, which is just a really huge outdoor antique mall. In a weak effort to control what I tote home, I’ve made a list of things I’m allowed to buy.

An antique chandelier. Nothing fancy, drippy, or sparkly. Just like the one in Aunt Haydee’s family room, which is cooler than the one pictured but I couldn’t find anything on the internet that looked right.
All the blue Ball glass jars with zinc lids that I want (for the craft room).
If the universe presents it, an antique daybed.
French wire planters for our New Orleans courtyard-inspired backyard.
Antique chicken accoutrement.
And perhaps some turquoise cut glass goblets, mixed patterns, for my friends to sit and sip out of while enjoying our front porch room.


Oh hey! When you’re trying to find a lamp that looks like something in your family’s home, why not take the time to look at photos you have taken while in that home? DOH! (Top of frame.) Taken way back…back before I was even pregnant with Will.

Sitting room