Why it’s been slow around this here blog.

Dalai Lama CIHM Event 5-19-2010

From left to right: Dr. Richie Davidson (Center for Investigating Healthy Minds), His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, and my boss Mr. Dave Weiner

I’ve been wrapped up in a project at work that has been devouring my energy and thoughts in the best way possible. During the day I work at an agency downtown as the Director of Interactive Services, and we had the chance of a lifetime to lend support to a very special event in Madison, WI this past weekend for the grand opening of the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds. To over-simplify a fascinating and complex area of study, they are researching the positive effects of meditation on the human brain. The Dalai Lama flew in to speak at the event. One thing leads to another and there I am backstage, shaking his hand. But being the one with the camera, I have photos of everyone else from the agency except me. I’m hoping the official photographers got a nice shot.

My head is still swimming with all I learned this weekend. I don’t have the words yet. Maybe after things marinate a bit, I’ll be able to articulate better what I got out of all of it.

At any rate, part of my job was to set up a live webcast of the event (which is archived here if you’d like to view), a blog for the Center’s site, and social media communications. It went over very well and we were able to facilitate a global conversation about the event through all channels.

I’m very proud. Still glowing.

Have a fantastic week everyone!