Working with what ya got.

crate and barrel birdbathI saw this birdbath on the Crate and Barrel website yesterday and absolutely fell in giggly like with it.

It’s different, not the same ol’ same ol’ cement pedestal number. But $130? Yeesh. I just can’t justify it. BUT then I remembered I have 2 unused plant stands in the backyard just waiting for a spray of black paint and a glazed bowl plopped on Mother's Day Weekend Projectstop. I found the dish portion at Home Depot for $20 and spent $3.50 on a can of flat black paint. I bought the plant stands a while back for $10 apiece. I don’t count those, though. I think this counts as a “make what you have laying around work” project. As pretty as the original? Probably not, but pretty enough for me. Pretty enough to make up for costing $20 and a little bit of inspiration.