My Galveston front porch room

Front living room before:
Prairie Home

To me, there is no place on earth more peaceful than the big front porch of the house my great-grandfather built on the sleepy, gorgeous island of Galveston. When I realized we’d have both a living room and a family room, I decided that the space in the front of the house would just have to be faked into a front porch. I’ll just open all the windows, have Dave spray some saltwater mist in my face, and pretend! On the menu, a pair of weathered wicker armchairs, an old daybed, bold yellow splashes, and no TV. This will be a room for curling up with kids and girlfriends, reading good books, or visiting with family. It will be the perfect destination point for a humid but breezy evening. I won’t ever have a big Galveston porch of my own, but we’ll make this work.