1 sink closer to a new bathroom

Since we started taking nibble-sized bites out of our kitchen rehab, my least favorite room in the house is our one and only bathroom. It’s a mishmash of bad peel-and-stick floor tile, a basin and cabinet that do not fit in and are way too short and somewhat kitschy tile that I could live with if the rest didn’t suck. So yesterday we bit the bullet and officially started down the path toward a new bathroom. I have big dreams of glass tiles, breezy colors, and design decisions that will make that little broom closet feel like a palace. (Like I said, they’re dreams.)

Will’s Christening is in a couple of weeks, so I’m getting heavy motivation to pull some of this together knowing that we’ll have lots of visitors. So pop off that starter gun! Here we go!

Yesterday afternoon we picked up this sink/cabinet/faucet combo. We’re trying to decide if we should tackle the floor now or just leave it be until after the Christening. Part of me thinks, “Get it done. It’s stupid to install the sink, then pull it out again.” Then the other part says, “Don’t get in over your head. Keep it simple.” Then there’s the frame around the mirror. It’s an inset medicine cabinet that is surrounded by tile. All I can manage before our visitors arrive is to paint it, but I can’t decide on a color. Any ideas?

Update: Scratch that. We’re moving. But maybe the house hunters who pass through will like the new sink. 🙂

ikea sink

bathroom before and mid-way through