Poor little monkey

Will's IVYesterday afternoon, out of nowhere, Will started getting sick about every 10 minutes. We called the doctor, who told us to bring him into immediate care. —Our hospital has a stop between standard doctor visit and emergency room. He was getting dehydrated really fast, so we had to do an IV drip to get him back up to normal levels. It was so sad holding him while they put that thing into his poor little hand. Afterward, he rested his head down on my chest and stayed like that for the next couple of hours. They had some guesses about what was causing it, but by the middle of the night, Sophia was getting sick every 10-15 minutes as well, so I’m using my brilliant powers of deduction to assume it’s a nasty stomach bug.

He’s back home now, feeling better, but we’re still giving him Pedialyte by the teaspoon every few minutes to take it easy on his tummy. Poor little monkey.

So cut to 10am the next morning and I have a sick baby, daughter, and husband. They’ve all developed some kind of super nasty stomach illness and are curled up on various couches and beds around the house looking at TVs with blank stares. No fun at all. 🙁

Anyone have a spare Hazmat suit?

Update: Scratch the order for the Hazmat suit. Too late. Save yourselves.